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What is the Odyssey Pickup Assistant?   

Odyssey is a web application specifically written for Sharing Connections. Odyssey works to support the Sharing Connections donation/pickup process. This process is:

  1. Donors call or email to donate furniture or other items to Sharing Connections.
  2. Sharing Connections calls the donor to vet items and schedule a pickup.
  3. The Sharing Connections truck personnel print a list of all pickups for the day and collects items from donors.
  4. At the end of each month, donor data is exported to a Donor Database.

What is a pickup?   

A Pickup is when Sharing Connections sends their truck to a donor’s residence to “pickup” donated furniture or other items. In Odyssey, a Pickup includes donor information, a description of the items being donated, and eventually, a date for the pickup.

What is the "Home" page?   

Home is the first page you see when logging in. It lists all currently unscheduled Pickups. At Home, you can create a new Pickup or schedule an existing one.

How do I create a new Pickup?   

From the Home page, select the green plus sign with “Add New Pickup”. After you add a new Pickup, it will appear on the Home page.

How can I edit the donor or item information in a Pickup?   

From the Home page, select the Pickup you wish to edit from the list.

How do I schedule a Pickup?   

From the Home page, select any Pickup from the list to schedule it.

How do I indicate that a Pickup has been rejected?   

From the Home page, select the Pickup. From here, you can choose a reason for the rejection and select Reject. Once rejected, the Pickup is removed from the Home page.

What is the "Schedule" page?   

The Schedule page lists all future pickup days that are currently scheduled for the Sharing Connections truck.

How can I see the Pickups scheduled for a day?   

From the Schedule page, select a day to see the scheduled Pickups.

How do I add a new pickup day for the truck?   

From the Schedule page, select the green plus sign with “Add New Pickup Day”. After you add a new day, it will appear on the Schedule page.

Can I re-schedule a Pickup?   

Yes, in three steps:
  1. From the Schedule page, select the day from the list.
  2. Select the Pickup you want to reschedule.
  3. Select the red Unschedule button.
  4. The Pickup will now be on the Home page. You can select it to reschedule.

Can I view pickup days from the past?   

Yes. On the Schedule page, change the View dropdown from “Days in the future” to “In the past 30 days”. This will list all pickup days within the last 30 days.

What is the "Reports" page?   

The Reports page lists helpful reports for truck personnel or Sharing Connections’ donor database.

What is the MapQuest Truck Report?   

This report is a CSV file compatible with MapQuest’s Route Planner. At this page, select “Import Spreadsheet” to use your MapQuest CSV file. The MapQuest site can be used to plan the truck’s route for the day and to print turn-by-turn directions.

Why don't I have "Schedule" or "Reports" at the top of the page?   

If you don’t see these pages, then you are an Entry level user. You are restricted to adding new Pickups and editing them. Scheduling Pickups and other reports are not available to Entry users.

How do I log out of the Odyssey Pickup Assistant?   

Select "Account" at the top, then "Logout".

How do I change my password?   

Select "Account" at the top, then "Settings".

Oops, I forgot my password. What now?   

If you can't login for any reasons, then please contact your Odyssey administrator. They can reset your password.

I'm an Admin. How can I manage users of the system?   

Select "Accounts" and then "Admin". From there, you can apply your many admin powers: create a new user, change user passwords, change a user's level, or delete users.

What was changed in Odyssey V1.1?   

Version 1.1 was released in October 2016. It was developed by Kyle L.

The new features include:

  • Added colored labels for pickups
  • Disallow duplicate unscheduled pickups
  • Added Search report to find pickups with a given Last Name and City
  • Added notes to each schedule day

What has changed in Odyssey V1.2?   

Version 1.2 was released in January 2018. It was developed by Kevin M.

The new features include:

  • Updated the back-end from Rails 4 to Rails 5
  • Added Odyssey statistics to the admin view
  • Allow entry-level users to access truck reports and MapQuest planners
  • Modify Donor Report to work with the Donor Perfect system.